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Akane apples are ripe!

Akane apples are ripe!

Another apple season at Under the Tree Farm is underway. We are opening our fruit stand very soon (stay tuned!) and we have apples for sale each weekend at the Ithaca Farmers Market. Right now, we are picking Akane apples, which are a gorgeous and delicious Japanese apple. The Akane is a cross between a Jonathan (American apple) and a Worcester Permain (English apple). They are the perfect mix of sweet/tart and are firm and crunchy.   Akane Apples at Under the Tree Farm, Ithaca NYAkane Apples at Under the Tree Farm

Peaches at Under the Tree Farm

If you were lucky enough to swing by the Ithaca Farmers Market this season, you probably saw that we had stone fruit this year! Peaches, cherries, plums. It has been a rough season with so much rain that our August peaches are succumbing to brown rot, but our earlier stone fruits were delicious and prolific. 

Plums at Under the Tree Farm, Ithaca NY

Check out these Lavina Plums. They were out-of-this-world delicious!