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April on the farm- the world is beginning to green up!

April on the farm- the world is beginning to green up!

Scenes from our farm on April 6, 2020

The first blooming strawberry of the year.

Strawberries growing in our new Rimol Nor'Easter High Tunnel. We erected this high tunnel in fall 2019 after we received a NRCS EQIP grant. Thank you, NRCS and Rimol!

Shortly after taking this photo, I noticed that the nice oat straw I lovingly mulched the strawberries with is starting to germinate in spots. Oh no! Looks like we'll have to hand pull some oats!

We just finished pruning blueberries + rubbing flower buds off all 2000 of the young blueberry plants we put in last spring. If you look very closely in the above photo, you can see young blueberry plants in those rows.


Golden Russet buds, opening up!


Spring reflections on our farm pond never get old

A wee spring bouquet


Our two faithful cats help us scout the orchard. These are pear trees which still need to be pruned. 

Apple trees: pruned and ready for the season, with prunings chopped up by the flail mower in the path between the rows of apples.