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It's almost garlic season

It's almost garlic season


Farm Fresh Garlic at Under the Tree farm

It's mid-June, which means it's garlic scape season and will soon be time to pull in our garlic harvest!

The garlic scapes are a curly stalk the plant sends up right before the summer solstice in our area. If you let them grow, they get quite tall and will have miniature little garlic cloves (bulbils) in them when they open up. We remove the scapes so the plants focus their energy on growing the garlic bulb underground. 

I love eating the garlic scapes freshly pulverized into a spicy pesto, cooked like green beans, or thrown into a veggie stir fry. 

We're excited because we grew enough garlic this year to finally offer it for sale here on our website. We will sell fresh green garlic at the Ithaca Farmers Market in a few short weeks, and will have cured garlic for sale here online later this summer.

Follow our farm instagram for garlic updates @underthetreefarms 

farm fresh garlic at Under the Tree farm