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It's apple season! Farm stand open!

It's apple season! Farm stand open!

While challenging is an understatement for the season, we have made it to apple season and we are overjoyed! Our fruit stand is NOW OPEN!


After a mild winter, our fruit trees began to break bud this spring, and suffered damage from repeated nights in the mid-20s, damaging or killing many of the blossoms. For our apple crop, it meant that some varieties we have a light crop this year, and other varieties we didn't have to thin. Throughout the summer, it became drier and drier. We irrigated constantly, sending water to crops that needed it most, like our shallow-rooted young blueberry plants, young apple trees, and vegetable crops. It's still quite dry on the farm, and we are giving the apples as much water as we can to size up the crop. It was an extremely hot summer, and the apples this year are very sweet and flavorful! 

Come see us at the Ithaca Farmers Market on Saturdays, or stop by our fruit stand!