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It's berry season!

It's berry season on the farm. Black raspberries (black caps) and blueberries are bountiful!  This year, our black raspberries are all ripening very quickly, so we expect their season will be shorter than usual. Enjoy them while they last!  One of our favorite things to do with a surplus of summer berries is to freeze them. It's quick, easy, and we have berries all winter long for desserts, oatmeal, or smoothies. Just dump them lovingly into gallon freezer bags (2 or 3 pints max per bag so they freeze quickly), make sure they are evenly distributed in the bags, and place on a flat shelf of a chest freezer. Once the berries are frozen, you can stack them up or box them...

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May Flowers

The apples are beginning to bloom, and a few early-blooming varieties are in full bloom as of May 12. The forest trees are leafing out, and the farm is waking up! After many long days, we finally have finished planting 3 acres of blueberries. Our vision is to have a u-pick in 7 years or so! Asian Pear Blossoms about to open up, early May 2019 Although the winter was hard on our peach trees, we still have some peaches blooming this spring. Fruiting wall of apple blossoms, May 2019.  

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April 2019

Welcome, Spring! After a long winter, we are ecstatic that spring has finally arrived! This year, we are filling out our fruit farm with about 2,000 blueberry bushes. Our hope is to have a blueberry u-pick in a handful of years. The first photo is looking east from our blueberry field after a long day of planting. Rain showered us on and off all afternoon, and by early evening, this glorious rainbow made an appearance (there's actually a slight hint of a double rainbow if you look clearly).  Morning fog clears over our farm. 23 April, 2019 With warmer weather, our farm is greening up and springing to life! Planting blueberries all day, every day.

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