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They are BIG, they glow like the sun, and they are delicious! find some in our APPLE LOVERS' MIX at the farmstand. See all the varieties ripe so far here. We are at the peak of the season!

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Orchard Magic...

The fog this morning made an ethereal wall around the farm, time stood still on the precipice of fall, and we got wet feet.  The hot sunny days seem to be bringing out the sugar and the fruit is exploding with flavor.  Several varieties coming on at once.  Today we picked Crimsoncrisp and Liberty, which have both been deep, deep red for a month but now have a sweetness to match.  They really benefited from our fruiting wall system, with a narrow tree every apple was in the sun - who wants those sad green ones from deep in the tree anyway. Despite a wet cold growing season these trees we grafted spring 2016 look set to start fruiting next year.

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