Honeycrisp grafted apple tree

Honeycrisp grafted apple tree

$ 24.00


Over the years we have grafted and grown thousands of trees for our own farm, and now we have a limited quantity available for you too!   Ready to plant and begin bearing as early as next year, and reach full production of 1/2 to 1 bu. in 4 years with proper care.   These trees are dwarf, early bearing, highly productive and require some support, either a stake, trellis, or espalier on a wall.   They can be easily trained to 8- 12 feet tall, or allowed to reach 15 feet or so.  These are one year trees that were given the best conditions and most varieties are branched and 3-5 feet tall with good strong roots, potted up with feeder roots intact.  We transplant our own trees at this age, and they frequently top the 8 foot trellis the first season and make a few fruit the next year.  

Honeycrisp has an unique juicy crispness unlike any other apple.   It is fairly easy to grow, and largely disease resistant, but it does tend to bear alternate years if not thinned properly.   One of the first trees Scott planted on the farm is a little dwarf Honeycrisp only about 7 feet tall that makes close to a bushel of beautiful red striped apples mid September year after year with little more than a dormant oil spray each spring!

If you purchase trees we will assume you will pick them up on Saturday at the Ithaca Farmers Market unless you request to pick them up at the farm.  We are not set up to ship plants, sorry!

NYS Dept. of Ag and Markets Nursery License No. 645650