Mid/Late season blueberry

Mid/Late season blueberry

$ 24.00


Over the years we have grafted and grown thousands of trees for our own farm, and now we have a limited quantity available for you too!   Ready to plant and begin bearing as early as next year, blueberries grow reach full size in 8-10 years and live for decades with proper care.   Plant 5 feet apart.  Blueberries require acid soil, around pH 5.4 works well for us, you can lower your soil pH and fertilize at the same time with ammonium sulphate, or use organic sulphur.  Blueberries LOVE wood chip mulch.   Bumblebees, foxes, and turkeys love blueberries.   These are plants I started from cuttings and have raised for two years, they are mostly over two feet with great roots and flowering this year.

If you purchase trees we will assume you will pick them up on Saturday at the Ithaca Farmers Market unless you request to pick them up at the farm.  We are not set up to ship plants, sorry!

NYS Dept. of Ag and Markets Nursery License No. 645650