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Frequently asked questions

Natural Light Tintype Portrait Session Rates:

$300: At our farm. Two 5x7 tintype portraits taken at Under the Tree Farm in Willseyville, NY. You will have the additional experience of visiting our working Finger Lakes fruit farm! 

$400+: At your home or another location. Two 5x7 tintype portraits taken at your home or another outdoor location (think a park or a meaningful outdoor space.) Traveling portraits made at your own home or another location start at $400 for two tintypes, and vary depending on distance from our farm. Crystal will travel up to 30 miles from our farm in Willseyville, NY. Reach out for pricing. 

*You will get one reshoot if there are problems due to chemical anomalies or blinking. Additional 5x7s may be made and purchased for $90 each.

"Natural light" tintypes are taken outdoors using the natural light of the sun to provide the light needed for the exposure. Tintype photography is a slow process of making beautiful, often haunting, handmade photographs. So slow that the effective film speed is ISO 1, which means tintype photographs need a LOT of light, or very long exposures.

The exposure time depends on the weather conditions on the day of your tintype session! In the bright sun during summer, a tintype can be 1 second or less. With slightly overcast skies, or later on in the afternoon, an exposure will be 4-8 seconds. Heavy overcast days are usually 12 seconds or more. If you schedule a tintype photograph, we will work around the weather to choose the best day for a shorter exposure.

Absolutely! However, since exposure times are long, it is likely that children and/or pets may end up being slightly blurry in the final image. That's the beauty of the process, though!

Natural Light Tintype Portrait Session Rates:

natural light tintype portraits

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