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Now available: Garlic for eating or planting!

Now available: Garlic for eating or planting!

It's that time of year again: our garlic is now available in our online shop! 

For the first time ever, we are offering Primo's garlic for sale. Primo Calabrese was Crystal's grandfather, and he grew his garlic for decades. We don't exactly know the variety, so we just call it, "Primo's Garlic". It's delicious and stores really well. It tends to be smaller, on average, than our German White Garlic, and has more cloves. The plants are much shorter than the German White plants, and have broad, succulent leaves. They emerge from the soil about a week later in the spring, and we harvest the heads about a week after our German White.

Here is a link to purchase 1 lb of either German White or Primo's Garlic: