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  • Hand sewn heirloom leather goods

  • handmade tintype photographs

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  1. Sunflower Tintype
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  2. Snapdragons Tintype
  3. Marigolds No.2 Tintype
  4. Pear Espalier Tintype
  5. Down by the creek Tintype
  6. Blueberries no.3 Tintype
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  7. Dill No.5 Tintype
  8. Dill No.3 Tintype
  9. Dill No.2 Tintype
  10. Dill No.1 Tintype
  11. Forest Nymph no.2 Tintype
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  12. Garlic Harvest Tintype
  13. Blueberries no.4 Tintype
  14. Blueberries no.2 Tintype
  15. Blueberries no.1 Tintype
  16. Wildflowers no.1 Tintype
  17. Forest Nymph No.1 Tintype
  18. Wildflowers Along the Fence Tintype
  19. Marigolds No. 1 Tintype
  20. Dill No.4 Tintype
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Each tintype is a unique, one-of-a-kind handmade photograph taken on our farm in Willseyville, NY