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Dill No.3 Tintype

  • $ 75.00

Truly a one-of-a-kind, handmade piece of artwork, this tintype image was taken of dill flowers on our farm. You will receive the exact tintype pictured in the photo. Tintype measures 5" x 6.75".  

Tintypes are a form of wet plate photography invented in the 1850s. This tintype started off as a sheet of aluminum, which Crystal poured collodion on, dipped in a silver bath (to make it light sensitive), and then exposed to the image. Crystal uses an antique Seneca Improved View Camera to make her tintypes. Once the plate is exposed to the image, it is developed the image in a darkroom, fixed, rinsed, then let it dry. Finally, each tintype is varnished with sandarac varnish to create an archival image. You may smell a faint pleasant scent of the lavender, an ingredient in the varnish. You may see ripples on the surface of the image due to the varnish pour.  

Each tintype is made by hand, and will be a unique record of the techniques and chemistry used to produce it. This makes them so special!

Due to differences in computer/cell phone screens, there may be slight variations in value in the image between the photograph on your screen and the actual tintype once you receive it.