Spring on the farm

Cherry Trees in bloom at Under the Tree Farm, Brooktondale, NY

Spring has finally arrived and we couldn't be happier to work outside again. Our trees have been putting on a spectacular show! The native bees and other pollinators are out in full force working the blossoms. Our friends at Honey Rock Farm brought in additional pollinators- six honey bee colonies- for our apple bloom. 

The cherry bloom was gorgeous this year! We will be netting our trees this year to keep the birds out.

Cherries at shuck split 20 May 2018

Black Raspberries at Under the Tree Farm, Brooktondale, NY

Black Raspberries leafing out. Berries coming in July!


Under the Tree Farm, Brooktondale, NY

This spring, we grafted about 450 more apple trees on Bud 9 rootstock (very dwarfing), and planted them 3 feet apart in rows 13 feet on center. We planted Honeycrisp, Sweet 16, Winecrisp, and Zestar. 

We also planted 3 rows of table grapes, 2 rows of black raspberries, and many rootstocks in our tree nursery.

Blueberry bushes with pear trees in the background.

Blooming Enterprise apple trees

Blooming Williams Pride apple trees. These are the first trees to bloom on our farm


Blooming Goldrush apples

Blooming Plums

Blooming Reliance peaches