Garlic now for sale online!

We just listed our farm-grown garlic, delivered to your door! You can purchase one pound or two pounds.

Music Garlic Seed

This variety of this garlic is "German Extra Hardy", often referred to as "Music", or "German White". 

Perfect for eating OR planting! 4-6 gigantic cloves per head with a delicious, spicy flavor. If you are planting the garlic, one pound is enough seed to grow roughly 25-30 plants. 2 pounds is enough seed to grow roughly 50-60 plants. 

Crystal has been growing our garlic for 11 years now. It is a beautiful porcelain type hardneck garlic. When partially cured, the garlic has beautiful purple stripes that fade to white as it dries completely.

Music Garlic Seed

Crystal Van Gaasbeck from Under the Tree Farm